czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2009


Nie moge sie doczekac na odfoliowanie najnowszej kompilacji sygnowanej logo RINSE.

Nothing stings like a sucker punch. Swung from out of nowhere it connects and leaves you reeling, wondering what the hell hit you? Well mix CD Rinse:08 sees Alexander nut you fair and square between the eyeballs. And guess what: you never even saw it coming. I barely even saw it coming, and I’ve DJed after the man twice (at The End).

But Rinse:08 left me on the canvas seeing stars. It’s a heavyweight, first round KO.
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Numer 17 kompilacji to Spliff Dub w remixie Rustiego. Utwor wyszedl nakladem Hyperdub ponad rok temu.

Zomby - Spliff Dub ( Rustie Remix )