poniedziałek, 27 lipca 2009


Czlowiek, ktorego propsowalem od samego poczatku pojawia sie dzis z nowym mixem na tym blogu u naszych brytyjskich kolegow.

Julio Bashmore - Bass Music Mix #3

1. Miyamae - Back Home
2. Julio Bashmore - Bad Apples
3. Crystal Fighters - XTatic truth (L-Vis1990 Remix)
4. Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)
5. Marco Del Horno - Samurai
6. Zombie Disco Sqaud - Esperanto (Solo Remix)
7. Fuzzy Hair - Yebele
8. Steve Lawler - Kalimba
9. Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)
10. Claude Von Stroke - Aundy
11. Solo - Congaloid
12. Julio Bashmore - Footsteppin
13. Julio Bashmore - Around
14. Cooly G - Love Dub (Refix)
15. Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo's Revenge
16. L-Vis1990 - United Groove
17. Julio Bashmore - Sorenstam

Przed weekendem przeprowadzilem z Julio krotki wywiad :

how did you get into music ? when did you decide to take a big boy step from just djing to production ?

actually i was producing before i started djing, i used to be into live elctronic music and did quite a few gigs using drum machines and keyboards with my band. then i just started recording what i made on my pc, which i really got into. now i use mostly softwaer though except for my MPC

let's talk about funky - it took me a long while to get into it i have to say. i felt sort of put off by the production side of tunes at first, if you listen to invasion riddims ( donaeo's party hard dub ) it doesn't really sound overwhelmingly well produced ...

Yea true say, know exactly what you mean.. whole load of bad presets bein put to use. But theres a really enticing groove to the whole thing, opened my mind to more percussive house tracks by producers like solo and zombie disco squad. im still put off by the overwhelming quantity of bad Funky tracks but theres a few gems in there, cooly g is real good right now. as for party hard i wont hear a bad word about it! i'v been thinkin of startin my tracks like his with the whole donaaae'o thing, u guys should too

who's your biggest influence ? where do you want to take your music ?

well theres alot, producers like Justin Martin and Ginz stand out. theres not a set that go's by where i dont play at least 1 of justin martins tracks, so i wouldnt mind taking my music alot more in the house direction. though saying that, i've always found making dubstep to be more enjoyable so i might even go down that path.

what's the recepie behind your music ? structurewise / soundwise your tunes are really basic but then there's a certain unbeatable groove to it ..

most tracks i spend a very long time making like an 16-bar drum loop, really trying to build the groove. after that its just putting bass and other stuff in there. sounds really basic and i guess it is but theres actually alot of hard work involved.

tell me a little more about the current state of bristolian scene. how would you desribe the sound of bristol AD 2009, what are the major nights, hang outs, upcoming producers etc

well obviously dubstep is big in the game here, but i mostly go to house nights like Just Jack which always seems to be a good party. There's this night called Crazy Legs, which is doing big things at the moment with the whole UK Funky/garage vibe, got alot of time for Andy and Jambo who run that.
I cant really think of any other up and coming producers doing what i do in bristol but theres a few producers like Joy Orbison in london and a guy called Hackman from Leeds (i think) who have a really fresh sound, cant wait to hear what they come out with over the next year...