piątek, 16 kwietnia 2010


Jestem zmiazdzony nowym EP Ramadanmana. Nie dla kazdego bedzie to latwa soniczna podroz, ale ...

Kanye West pops up on my copy of J Dilla’s Donuts, quoted on an inlay slip: “Jay Dee is a drum God…his drums can’t be topped”. In a Kanye-esque hyperbolic mood, something similar could be said about Ramadanman. He’s become an astonishingly skilled beat-maker; in technical terms, he’s way above pretty much everyone currently (...)

(...) There’s also so much going on in these tracks, so much painstakingly executed work, that it’s easy to get lost in the detail. I have to almost think myself out of thinking when I hear this record; to consciously abandon all the cerebral stuff and let these supremely funky virtual drum-circles wash through me. Right now, Ramadanman is quietly becoming a master at work.

( FACT )

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